Koninklijke Belgische Vereniging voor Dierkunde vzw - Société royale zoologique de Belgique asbl - Royal Belgian Zoological Society

The RBSZ connects zoology researchers throughout Belgium and abroad, providing a network for both, junior and senior members, who benefit through contacts and collaboration. The RBZS hosts and co-oranizes the annual Benelux Congress of Zoology together with its Dutch & Luxemburg sister societies. It is the ideal platform for master students to present their thesis results. The RBZS organizes the yearly Master Day Biology where Belgian Universities present their master studies.

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The subscription entitles members of the Royal Belgian Zoological Society1) to publish 10 pages free of charge in the Belgian Journal of Zoology; 2) to have free entrance to supporting Institution (see RBZS web site); 3) to be listed on the Zoologists mailing list, where relevant information on zoology is spread (meeting announcements, job vacancies, …); 4) to participate at the Benelux Congress of Zoology at reduced registration rates; 5) to apply to grants offered by the society (for internships, field trips and conferences).

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The annual subscription is valid for one year (from date to date).